Millions of LIVES can be Saved, As Well As Millions of Dollars, with PROLOTHERAPY!

My name is J**** B*****, and this is my story.

I have been living with neck pain for 36 years and for the past 22 years, I've suffered from severe groin pain as well.  I've sought treatment all over the world—at a cost of more than $150,000!  While I did find some relief, I was never completely free of pain.

In particular, I've been frustrated in my never-ending effort to alleviate my groin pain.  Although some of the treatments were picked up by my health insurance, I spent many thousands out of pocket.  Yet nothing really even came close to making a lasting difference.   Money isn't all I spent; I spent my time, too, going from one place to another.  And still, every day - and every night - the groin pain was with me.

Finally, in the summer of 2007 this resulted in late-night trips to the emergency room; at one point, I visited Crystal Run's Urgent Care six days in a row!   The pain was that severe. 

It was at Crystal Run that a wise doctor asked me why I was there for a second time in as many days.  I told him my groin pain was just too excruciating.  He looked at my chart, and asked why they had done an MRI on my lower back.  I explained that I had a back problem, too.  He replied, “Groin pain always comes from your back, not from your hip.”

Other doctors might disagree, but for me, he was right! 

With that, I knew I had to go and see someone who had the knowledge to treat my back.  I had heard recently that Dr. C. Everett Koop, the former U.S. Surgeon General, had been helped by PROLOTHERAPY for his back pain, and that he highly recommends it to others.   I searched for a Doctor in my area, and I chose Dr. Perry Perretz (203-544-9090).  

I made an appointment for the next week.  Doctor Perretz called back and during a free telephone consultation, he very caringly explained the PROLOTHERAPY procedure.  He noted that PROLOTHERAPY helps most people after the very first treatment but for a few, several PROLOTHERAPY treatments are necessary to re-grow and strengthen the tissues surrounding the bones.

I kept my appoinment.  My first treatment with Dr. Perretz took an hour and 45 minutes.  I made this appointment with Dr. Perretz for PROLOTHERAPY knowing I would pay out of pocket (my NY health insurance, which costs over $450 a month, wouldn't pay for it out of NY State).  I paid in cash - as I had so many times before - in the hope that this PROLOTHERAPY would work.

I drove two hours from my home in upstate New York to Connecticut, and I was welcomed by Paola J. Garcia, the office manager, who offered a cup of tea.  After a short wait, I was examined by Dr. Perretz.

Amazingly, he did not rush me; in fact, he willingly answered all of my questions, and proceeded to treat me.  As expected, I was sore for a few days….

….And then, one morning a few days later, I woke up after a good night's sleep (which I had not had for many years) only to discover that I was PAIN FREE after just ONE PROLOTHERAPY treatment!

You read it right: just ONE treatment. 

I went back for 4 other pain spots also injured years ago - to finally heal my upper back, neck, elbow and wrist and each time it worked. 

Frankly, I am astounded that insurance companies don't insist that all patients suffering from chronic pain be treated by doctors like Dr. Perretz!   Dr. Perretz explained to me that PROLOTHERAPY treatment has been proven to regenerate tissue over time.  In my case, the insurance company could have saved me 22 years of pain if they hadn't been stubbornly hanging onto the belief that only ‘medicines' and surgery are worthy of their pay schedule.

Millions of lives could be saved, and millions of dollars (as well as millions of days in pain) with PROLOTHERAPY!

I have decided to speak out about this because PROLOTHERAPY is a specialized form of treatment, and only a few doctors in the U.S. are trained in its use.  I am forever GRATEFUL to Dr. Perretz, who saw what PROLOTHERAPY can do for patients in pain and specialized in it.  In this way, he can really help those in chronic pain, rather than just treat the symptoms with pills and potions.  I wish I had met him before I lived those 22 years in agony…and before I spent all that money on things that would never work to get me well again.

The money I spent on painkillers could have sent me around the world several times in luxury and style; instead, I have to worry about whether or not my liver and/or kidneys are damaged! 

And yet, I am grateful that I NEVER became addicted to OxyContin, a terrible drug which I received after surgery.  All drugs like this do, is to let patients go home from hospitals sooner but getting over its effect is pure hell;

PROLOTHERAPY is, by comparison, relatively pain-free, and you won't have to worry about chemical damages to your organs, since no harmful substances are used to stimulate the internal healing of tendons, nerves, muscles, and bones.

It is incomprehensible to me that doctors, nurses, insurance companies, worker's compensation personnel, and/or the media don't learn more about PROLOTHERAPY, a treatment that works for many patients and frees them from forever relying on damaging x-rays and pills.  I am even more surprised that doctors and staff trained in MRI examinations don't know about PROLOTHERAPY (and that they don't routinely insist that people be treated with PROLOTHERAPY).  Subsequent MRIs would show exactly how well PROLOTHERAPY works!

Millions of lives could be saved, and millions of dollars (as well as millions of days in pain) with PROLOTHERAPY!

Doctors Perry Perretz and C. Everett Koop have given me back the equivalent of 22 years of my life!  I feel younger, normal, and pain free.  And I'm richer for not having to look for any other way to treat my pain. I can enjoy my life now.  I sleep better, and look forward to making up for all the time I lost to pain.  It's remarkable how quickly you can forget pain…once it's gone.  I know: I'm pain-free now!   But I am not going to forget.

I recommend that everyone in pain - before or after surgery - seek out PROLOTHERAPY NOW!  Go to for information about Dr. Perretz, or to for listings of doctors who practise PROLOTHERAPY, by state.

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