2012 Oatients' Choice Award

Pain Solution
Dr. Perry Perretz, D.O.
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I moved half way across the country 7 years ago to be a patient of Dr. Perretz's. I have since moved back and I have never found a doctor that I trusted and appreciated the way I did him. He is compassionate and knowledgeable in a way that no other physician has been. His progressive and integrative approach to healing is one that has not been matched and one that all other physicians should be working to achieve.

He helped me with debilitating pain and chronic injuries to my knees, hips, wrist, and cervical spine! After 4 knee surgeries, a hip surgery and a motorcycle wreck by the time I was 30, I had lost my profession as a personal trainer and my ability to do all the activities that I loved. I know now that I have a connective tissue disease called Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. Ehler's Danlos sufferers supposedly have no treatment options, that is what you will hear from a typical western medicine doctor. But it's not true!! Prolotherapy can help heal your connective tissue dysfunction. I have been spreading the word in the Ehler's Danlos Community, hoping that they will start to accept and promote this treatment to so many that have lost hope. Aas a massage therapistI now refer clients to have prolotherapy, trigger point, and acupuncture treatments before surgery! I wish I knew this about 15 years ago so I could have saved myself the suffering of two botched surgeries from some of the "best" surgeons in the country.

If you have been told you need surgery for your knees, hips, shoulders, back, etc - Don't do it!!! See Dr. Perretz first! It will be the best choice you have ever made!

Deborah Marsaco, LMT
Austin, Texas