When I hit the age of forty in 2001 it was as if everything just fell apart! My lower back started to really bother me, followed by my neck and I struggled with pain even in my feet I went to a Chiropractor which eventually made things go from bad to worse. I really felt that I was not able to get real help or relief from anyone. My mood was being affected and I felt incredibly motivated to feel better but despite my best efforts I wasn't getting better but worse. I was told that I was a challenging case.

I found information on Dr. Perretz on the internet and I can sat that he was a lifesaver. Perry gave me Trigger Point injections. ProLo Therapy and mobilized my spine. After four years of pain and frustration I am 75 % pain free today. Dr. Perretz helped me SO

Much that Ican that I can say that I love him to death..... I even invited him to my wedding.

Submitted by *Nick* - patient of Dr. Perry Perretz.